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Behind Aspin Approved are five wagging tails and two sisters who have made it their mission to start a business that provide quality treats at a reasonable price so that all dogs from different walks of life can have access to it. 

Our Aspins are the driving force behind this. They try out every single treat before its launch to make sure that is stamped (or slobbered) with their seal of approval. They constantly inspire us to share the same happiness that they provide us to you in the form of yummy and affordable treats.  

Aspin Approved is also grounded in giving back to the community especially towards shelters and rescue groups that looks after vulnerable dogs. Having rescued and adopted five dogs ourselves, we share the same commitment of advocating a better life and treatment for dogs in need. 

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Our Story

Bruno and Amaro were rescued from the province of Bicol. They came into our lives two months after we landed in the Philippines four years ago. Both boys were so small, too small to be separated from their mother and their other siblings. They were pot-bellied and full of ticks, but they were oh-so-precious. We convinced our folks that we HAD to take both boys home, all they had was each other, and they were inseparable

Two days after that, the boys joined us for the 12-hour drive back to Laguna. After a few days of being in their new home, Amaro started showing signs of Parvo. He was pooping with blood and was extremely lethargic. We frantically called our family vet in the middle of the night and rushed him to the clinic. We realised that if we had left this boy behind, he would have died.

Ben and Bella were dropped off at a family friend’s house with no care whatsoever. Having known that we recently rescued two puppies, they asked us if we could adopt two more. Pretty soon, we were on our way, driving to their house armed with the boys’ hand-me-down crates and bowls. 


Amaro, Bruno, Ben, and Bella gave us purpose. They needed us, and we needed them. Adjusting to a new environment was hard, but they made it so much more bearable. All four of them gave us something to look forward to.

They are the driving force behind all of this, and they continue to remind us every day why we do what we do. They remind us of the good in life and why we should always do right by you!

Without our Aspins, there would be no Aspin Approved 🐶🇵🇭



Favourite Treats & Chews 


  • Anything & Everything!

  • He is very food motivated, he loves all AA treats, he even loves fruits & vegetables!

The cheekiest of them all! Amaro might be a big boy, but he has the youngest soul of them all.


He has the most extra zoomies before he goes to the potty, and even though Amaro is over 50 kilos, he somehow convinced himself to be a lap dog.


He gives the best kisses and cuddles, just make sure to not get him overly excited otherwise you'll have trouble trying to simmer him back down.



Favourite Treats & Chews :

  • Liver Crunch, Pungent Patties, Shredded Cow Ears, Hoppin' Treats, Tiny-wilis, Furry Rabbit Ears

  • He is our fussiest pup ever!

If there's one thing Ben could do all day, it would be napping. This is why we often refer to him as our house "cat".


He may not have many tricks to show but his emotional intelligence is exceptional. Ben immediately senses when one of us feel ill, and he'd snuggle up to us until we feel better.


When he is out for a walk though, his whole personality changes and his dog side comes out. Once he is out of the door, he goes a bit bonkers.



Favourite Treats & Chews :

  • Anything & Everything!

  • Just like his Kuya Amaro, he is very food motivated, he loves all AA treats! He also loves fruits & vegetables - especially Bananas!

The baby and the latest addition to the family! Chico was adopted in 2020, and he had no trouble settling. He brightens up everyone's day with his small boops and silliness.


Chico is definitely 100% mumma's boy, he is glued to Aya's side 24/7 and the only way to lure him to you is a handful of yummy treats.


His best friend within the pack is his Kuya Ben, and together they became the duo no one expected. 



Favourite Treats & Chews :

  • He likes most of the treats & chews, but he's not very keen on Furry treats and Beef Chicha-Chomps

The big brother, or perhaps the boss, of the pack. We often refer to him as our green-eyed wonder because Bruno never fails to amaze us.


He is loyal, protective, and extremely intelligent. He is sharp and attentive to a fault - he finds it hard to settle down sometimes. But when he is around his mums he gets to relax and let his guard down.


Bruno is not a big fan of physical contact (except for bum and ear rubs) being around his family and siblings is more than enough.



Favourite Treats & Chews :

  • Hearty Bites, Feet of Fury, Shredded Cow Ears, Hoppin' Treats, Tiny-wilis, Furry Rabbit Ears

Our queen and only girl in the pack! Bella is a feisty one to look out for. She might be on the smaller side but her spirit is as big as the sky.


Bella is dauntless, she loves exploring new surroundings and engaging in new activities. She isn't friendly towards unfamiliar dogs or humans, but once you win her heart, she will be your sweetheart who gives warm cuddles and kisses. 

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