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Dehydrated Treats?

Dehydrated treats are meat that has been slowly air-dried on low temperature to get rid of any water content fully.


This means that your pup gets to enjoy a 100% meat treat while benefitting from the nutrients that would usually be destroyed during cooking or processing.


Our treats do not contain any additives, chemicals, fillers, or preservatives, ever.


We know that not every pawrent has the luxury to buy quality treats for their furry ones. They have countless responsibilities, and sometimes, their furbabies' treats will just have to wait another time.

Alongside that, and as unfair as it may seem, Aspin pets are the last breed in line to get to try dehydrated treats because of the negative notion that they are less desirable compared to their pedigree cousins and are therefore not worthy of such treats, which is just completely absurd!

That is why Aspin Approved will continue to strive to make our treats accessible and affordable, without compromising quality, for all dogs from all walks of life.


100% Natural & Healthier Treats - No additives, chemicals, fillers, or preservatives, ever.

As fur parent ourselves, we understand how commercial treats can be too tempting. From their pretty and fun packaging to the convenience of finding it in every shop and their low prices, it's hard to stray away from them.

But the truth is, there is hardly any nutritional value in them, and sadly, they can even make your dogs ill. If you want to spoil your pet, why not go all out? Make sure that they are getting the best food possible!

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